“Unique Boat Repair is the best marine repair shop in the area.  In many instances, I have not been happy with other local marinas in the area.  Their turnaround time is terrible, and their prices are extremely inflated.  I have owned a boat for 29 years, and I wish Unique Boat Repair was around earlier!  Thanks guys for the great work!”

“Unfortunately, when I purchased my fishing boat, I had many problems to say the least.  The engine had issue after issue.  I made the mistake of taking it to a popular marina in Freeport at first.  1 month later, I picked up my boat to only find that I had a really high repair bill, and a boat that still was not 100% fixed.  When I took my boat to Unique Boat Repair, they fixed the issue within days.  I will only recommend this repair shop to my fellow boaters.”