Our “Better” Repair Philosophy

Other Marinas in the Rockford area are Inefficient and Unreliable!

The marinas in Rockford inadequately serve the needs of local boaters.  They are inefficient and unreliable, not to mention over-priced.  The marinas often neglect to fix boats fully, making multiple visits necessary properly fix a problem.  They are also inefficient, waiting until the last minute or taking more time than is necessary to fix a boat.  On top of this, they are expensive and rarely deliver the services for which they charge.  The result is that the needs of Rockford boaters are not being met, nor are their rights as consumers being fairly served.

Unique Boat Repair Offers Quick Turnaround Time for Repairs!

It is not rare that a customer will have to wait weeks or even up to a month for a marina to fix their boat.  Such a lengthy wait can put a boat out of commission for a significant portion of the boating season.  With only a few months warm enough for ideal boating, having a boat tied up in repairs for several weeks significantly injures the owner’s ability to enjoy a successful boating season.
While boat repair ought to be done thoroughly and effectively, the long waits seem to do nothing to improve the quality of the marinas’ repair work.  In fact, the real problem with the boat is often left uncorrected.  This forces customers to make repeat visits to the marina, which is not only inconvenient, but also time-consuming and expensive.  Boaters should not have to return to a marina repeatedly just to make sure that their boats are safe and fully functional.  This should be accomplished on the first visit.

Unique Boat Repair Offers Affordable Boat Repair!

Not only are the marinas ineffective and inefficient, but they are also over-priced.  Owning a boat is an expensive business in itself.  Boaters juggle seemingly endless costs, on top of the initial price of the boat—gas, storage, insurance, permits, safety gear, etc.  With boaters’ budgets already stretched this far, marinas add the unnecessary burden of heavily inflated repair costs.  This makes people less able to afford owning and operating a boat.  This, in turn, endangers the livelihood of the Rockford boating community.

Unique Boat Repair Lets You Have More Time on the Water!

Because there is no real competition for the existing Rockford marinas, boaters have no choice but to keep returning, despite their disappointments in ridiculous prices and poor repair work.  Boaters’ reliance on these inadequate marinas severely limits their ability to fully enjoy the boating season.  Due to slow repairs, boaters are forced to limit their time on the water.  Their boating time suffers further constraints when they have to make repeat visits to the marinas to fix unsolved problems.  Further, their wallets are strained by extreme over-pricing.

The marinas in Rockford clearly fail to meet the needs of their customers.  To remedy the failings of the existing marinas, an alternative is needed.  Unique Boat Repair offers a promising new solution to these problems.  The goal of Unique Boat Repair is to offer boaters an effective, efficient, and affordable alternative to the unsatisfactory Rockford marinas.  Unique Boating Co. will repair boats skillfully and thoroughly, in order to eliminate repeat visits.  Unique Boat Repair will also offer fair pricing for their services, ensuring that repairs are more affordable for boaters.

Unique Boat Repair will provide boaters with a superior alternative to Rockford marinas.  With fairly priced, quality repair work available, boaters will be free to enjoy the boating season in its fullest.  They will no longer be forced to wait weeks for their boat to be back in commission, nor will they be forced to pay ridiculous fees for insufficient repairs.  With safe, skilled, affordable repair work, boats will last longer and function better.  Boaters will be able to enjoy their boating experiences for the greatest amount of time, at the least cost, and—most importantly—with the least amount of worry.

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