Buying Used Boats

There is no better way to save a lot of cash while still enjoying some time out on the water than buying a used boat.  Used boats are often in perfect working condition.  It is very common that a used boat will show only cosmetic signs of use.  When buying a used boat there are a few important areas to look at closely.

There is no piece of a boat that is more important than the motor.  This is also the part of a boat that so often gets neglected.  This isn’t because the owner doesn’t want to keep the motor in the best shape possible, but they often don’t know how to.  When buying a used boat be sure to ask the owner a few important questions.  Was the motor winterized every year?  Was it correctly lubricated throughout their ownership?  Where the lubricants changed on a regular basis?  These few questions can be the difference between a great buy and huge repair bills.

Another important part of the boat is its hull.  When shopping for used boats be sure to look closely at the hull.  Inspect it to see if there is any major damage.  Also look closely to see if there are any portions that look to be weakened or repaired.  The last thing you need is to buy a boat with a hull that is not completely intact.  This could lead to a lot of swimming.

Finally make sure to check out the boats interior.  The floorboards of a used boat can often be in poor shape.  Replacing them can be very expensive and time consuming.  Make sure that they are not rotten or weakened in any way.  Also take a good look at the seats.  Verify that the brackets are in good working order.  These also can rot in places so look closely.

A used boat can be a great low-cost investment that will bring you plenty of joy.  As long as you take the time to shop around and look at the boats you see closely, you should have no issue with finding a great used boat.