Archives for January 2011

Choosing a Powerboat!

Every human has the desire to go fast.  This is why automobiles, trains, and planes continue to go faster than ever before.  Boats are no different.  Power boats satisfy the need to go fast by providing a one of a kind experience while out on the water.  They will allow you to do circle around… Read More

Buying a New Boat

When buying something new most people are overcome with a special feeling.  Not only do they have an item that is new to them, but has also never been used by anyone else.  No other item will instill this feeling in a buyer like a new boat will.  A new boat can provide not only… Read More

Buying Aluminum Boats

When deciding on what type of boat to buy, there is no better way to go than an aluminum boat.  Aluminum boats offer many advantages over boats made from other materials.  Don’t let others convince you of purchasing boats made from other materials, like fiberglass.  They simply do not offer as much as a boat… Read More

Buying Used Boats

There is no better way to save a lot of cash while still enjoying some time out on the water than buying a used boat.  Used boats are often in perfect working condition.  It is very common that a used boat will show only cosmetic signs of use.  When buying a used boat there are… Read More